Trout Unlimited


The best tackle for ultimate targets


One of the trout angler's ultimate target is "Masu salmon". We have put all the heart and soul for fishing 'Masu salmon' into these 3 models. It is hard to know when and where you encounter them throughout the season or whether or not you encounter them at all. We promise to bring her into the target of the landing.

The new model SiC-S guide is installed to all models. The weight of the rods have been reduced and the thread omission of the line at the time of casting has been improved.

It is the ultimate target with the best tackle, which includes these 3 models corresponding to their respective field.


Trout Unlimited

¥29,000 (税別)

It has an optimum tip for manipulating about 15 g of minnow and butt power as not to be defeated by monster class torque. From heavy weight minnow to light wood minnow, it is possible to cast without any stress.


  • ★Length:8.2'
  • ★Section:2 pcs
  • ★Lure:5-20g
  • ★Line:5-12lb
  • ★Action:Fast
  • ★Power:Medium Light
  • ★Self Weight:151g
  • ★Closed Length:128.5cm
  • ★Top Dia/Butt Dia:1.7/9.9mm
  • ★Material:carbon99% エポキシ樹脂

¥29,500 (税別)

The best rod in 8.8 ft. to cast spoon, vibration, and minnow. Casting the lure to the heart of a stream or a large river with a power that can lead to land fish without giving the initiative to them during swift flow is remarkable.


  • ★Length:8.8'
  • ★Section:2 pcs
  • ★Lure:7-28g
  • ★Line:6-14lb
  • ★Action:Fast
  • ★Power:Medium Light
  • ★Self Weight:167g
  • ★Closed Length:135cm
  • ★Top Dia/Butt Dia:1.8/10.7mm
  • ★Material:carbon99% エポキシ樹脂

¥30,000 (税別)

A trout angler's bait rod that values encounters with fish. From the butt to berry, it has a delicate yet unique and powerful and tip. I made it into a taper that is difficult to backlash, but easy to cast.


  • ★Length:8.6'
  • ★Section:2 pcs
  • ★Lure:7-32g
  • ★Line:7-14lb
  • ★Action:Reguler Fast
  • ★Power:Medium
  • ★Self Weight:149g
  • ★Closed Length:133.5cm
  • ★Top Dia/Butt Dia:2.1/10.6mm
  • ★Material:carbon99% エポキシ樹脂